The Handy Phone

I never understood why people were obsessed with taking phone pictures. At most, I would only take 4-5 pictures with it every other month. Then there was Instagram; my sister told me it was something I needed - "Lisa, don't be dumb, just sign up already!" It was only after the 500th time she begged me when I became annoyed and signed up. The more I played around with phone pictures - the more into it I became. It's certainly convenient, that's for sure. And I don't have to hull around a 3 pound camera everywhere I go. So that's always nice. Here are just a few fun shots I've taken since the inception of my phone-photo days. Oh, and before I forget - I created an autumn playlist for you all! I used to be a radio DJ for 6 years and this was my favorite season to create mixes for - all cuddled up in a thick blanket with some hot tea. So I just wanted to share a few songs with you to bundled up with. You can find it here: Autumn Tunes  Featured artists are listed below these pics. Happy October! Enjoy! 


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